Monday, August 19, 2013

We're BACK! With a bit of housekeeping and a CALL FOR NEW BLOGGERS! :D

Hey lovelies! Did ya'll miss us? Hopefully not too much , right? :) I know you've probably missed our awkward hugs the most, so let's just go ahead and take care of this right now...

Right, and now let's cut to the chase, because my title's already given our secret away anyhow: we've got some changes in store! Big, awesome, EXCITING changes! Well, they're all exciting except for one change, which is rather sad so I'll get it out of the way first: Kelsey Sutton will no longer be blogging with us, due to simply not having enough time :( So, give her some love and awkward goodbye hugs in the comments. We're certainly going to periodically kidnap her and force her to invite her to willingly guest blog from time to time, so there's still a chance you'll see her lovely face around here! Yay!

Some of you regular readers might also notice a bit of a scheduling change up in the coming weeks-- we will now be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And we have lots of amazing new topics planned. Expect a lot more secrets, as well as monthly events, giveaways, and interviews!

And for those of you who got really excited about the last part of that title: yes, it's true! We're also going to be adding a couple of new authors to the blog :) If you're interested, please email us at Your "application" doesn't have to be too fancy; basically, we just want to know why we should pick you to be a regular blogger with us, and why you want to be one of us in the first place (ONE OF US! ONE OF US!). You should also consider including any or all of the following things:

-publishing industry experience/credentials
-writing experience/credentials
-blogging experience/credentials
-other social media experience; follower counts, frequency of use, etc...
-other life/time commitments
-a little about you personally; hobbies outside of writing, that sort of thing if you like
-a website/current blog if you have one

Please know when applying that, if chosen, you will be responsible for the following:

-A post once every two weeks; including brainstorming of topics and such
-For pulling together 2 Special Event (contests, games, giveaways, etc...) posts a year (one every six months)
-For pulling together 2 Guest Interview/Posts a year (one every six months)
-For participating in occasional brainstorming email chains when there's blog business to sort out
-For supporting/advertising EVERY post and event on the blog, through commenting, retweeting, facebooking, etc...
-For being as awesome as we are. It's a lot of pressure. I know. Just wanted to make you fully aware of what you're getting into, though.

And I think that about sums it up! This blog is a ton of fun and a great opportunity to help get to know other authors/readers/etc... but it is also a commitment; please don't apply unless you plan to treat it as such. If you have any questions, ask away, either in the comments or by email! Also, we're only going to be taking applications through next Monday (August 26th!), so get them to us as quick as you can! We can't wait to read them, or to start rolling out all of our awesome new content :) Speaking of which, Leah will be back with an awesome post on Wednesday, so we'll see you then!

-The Secret Life Team

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