Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Quick Secret About "Rules"

We've all heard them. The dos and don'ts about writing. Don't start chapter one with the weather. Vampires are lame now and no one wants them. Don't make your main character unlikable. Blah, blah, blah...

You know what I think? Screw the "rules."

Example #1: Louisiana summers are unforgiving. You know what that is? That's the first sentence of my debut novel, The Summer I Became a Nerd. Weather, I started with weather. Also, I like vampires. I wouldn't mind reading about more of them or seeing more movies about them. In fact, here's example #2:

Only Lovers Left Alive starring Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton comes out this year and is "A story centered on two vampires who have been in love for centuries."
I'm sorry, but that movie looks freaking awesome and I will be paying good money to see it.

People are constantly telling us what not to do. And they will always do so. But the only rule, in my opinion, is follow your gut. Do what you think is right. In the end, you're the only one that will be held responsible for your work. Don't you want that work to be completely you?

In case you didn't catch my meaning yet, here it is in gif form:

And when everything is said and done, you'll be able to say:

4 secret replies:

  1. I'm just starting to jump on the vampire bandwagon, so I wouldn't mind seeing some new vampire stuff at all. Also, Louisiana summers really are unforgiving. :)

    Great post.

  2. It's always a "rule" until proven wrong enough times. Great stories can break nearly any rule but a million rules won't help a bad story.

  3. Oh vampires: Blade Trinity oh my oh my drake oh why does "bad guy" NEVER win? Oh wait, he does, watch Blade.

    I hates ad's, i never post ad's, this is NOT an stupid ad. There's a barely watched video of a parrot singing Russian opera and that's hilarious. It's not right that it's got so few views. Here - - there.

    When it comes to Drake & Blade in Blade: Trinity, their roles are terrifying and inspiring, well done is a a severe understatement.

    Don't believe me, look it up. On YouTube if ya search for "blade trinity rza fatal" and find a vid (one of the first) that has audio clips (it'll be obvious) from the movie. It's def good the preview in this case doesn't lie, it's a deceptive understatement :-)