Wednesday, April 23, 2014

32 Things You Can Do While You’re Playing the Waiting Game

You know what waiting game I’m talking about. The one where you’ve submitted your query or submission and are waiting for days--nay! Weeks!--or (GASP) MONTHS. The waiting game where you find yourself constantly refreshing your email to the point where you eventually convince yourself you have actually and literally broken the internet.

Don’t worry, friends. I feel you. That’s why I’m sharing my super important list of things you can do while you’re waiting.

32) Play on PhotoBooth. Because you haven’t done that shizz in so long.
31) Learn all the dance moves to this sweet jam (the real moves begin at 2:48)

29) Read the entire Harry Potter series.
28) Go on a walk.
27) Watch baby panda videos on the YouTubez.
26) Become a Vine star.
25) Realize you’re not funny enough to become a Vine star and eat an entire pint of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.
24) Learn how to juggle.
23) Go online shopping.
22) Repaint your living room.
21) Go to the dentist for your semi-annual teeth cleaning (you know you’ve been putting it off).
20) Go through your childhood Disney movies and watch all of them because you can’t decide on just one.
19) Have a nice Sunday brunch.
18) Do learn how to do something you’ve always wanted to:

17) Clean your entire house.
16) Remember how much you hate cleaning.
15) Drink a glass of wine and have a Johnny Depp movie marathon instead.
14) Tumblr for 5475849367857079734857438562457492 hours.
13) Find your 30 seconds of fame:

12) Prank call some people.
11) Create a super cool invention:

10) Play Cards Against Humanity with friends.
9) Read a bunch of food blogs.
8) Get inspired to cook a bomb meal.
7) Realize you don’t have half the ingredients and order a pizza instead.
6) Listen to music:

5) Marathon all 10 seasons of Friends
4) Try and paint your cat’s nails.
3) Realize that was a seriously bad idea.
2) Watch videos of celebrities falling on stage.
1) Watch every Jennifer Lawrence interview ever in existence.

Or I guess you can be a responsible writer and write another book, tackle your TBR, or critique other’s WIPs. But just in case you need other ideas . . . the list is here for you. ;)

3 secret replies:

  1. My brothers have been urging me to play Cards Against Humanity, though I accidentally keep calling it Words of Mass Destruction.

    Time goes by regardless, so aimless waiting doesn't make sense. Cute post!

  2. Farrah: this list is BRILLIANT! I ran through it in its entirety! My only question is: now what do I do tomorrow??

  3. Those gifs are hilarious!
    Funny how "write another book" is the last thing on the list. ^_^