Thursday, January 24, 2013

More Awesome Secret Lifer News!

Sooo, maybe some of you have already heard, as our own Kelsey Sutton announced here on her blog yesterday, but it's awesome news, and awesome news needs repeating! Exactly one week ago, we were freaking out for me (Stefanie), but now it's time to FREAK OUT FOR KELSEY BECAUSE SHE'S SOLD ANOTHER BOOK!

Children's: Young Adult:
Kelsey Sutton’s follow-up to SOME QUIET PLACE (Flux, July, 2013), set in the same world of personified emotions, in which a girl wanting revenge on the man responsible for the death of her family is influenced by both Forgiveness and Revenge and must ultimately choose which path to take, again to Brian Farrey at Flux, for publication in July, 2014, by Beth Miller at Writers House (NA).

Getting that second book deal is a HUGE accomplishment, and we're so thrilled for Kelsey. And her writing. Her writing. Oh my gosh, you guys, trust me when I say you REALLY need to have this book on your radar, and if you haven't already added her debut (SOME QUIET PLACE) that's coming out in July to your TBR pile (to the very top of it), then WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

So one more time: CONGRATULATIONS KELSEY! Think of all the cheese you're going to be able to buy if you keep getting all these book deals! ;)

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