Wednesday, January 9, 2013

To Keep Growing: A 2013 New Year's Resolution by Kelsey Sutton

Every year since I can remember I've made the same New Year's resolution. I think it's one 6.1 million women make along with me: lose weight. Sigh. But this time I've made a change! I'm tired of focusing on the external. 

2013 will be all about internal... kind of. 

It's one thing to make a New Year's resolution like, "I solemnly swear to myself that I will be successful!" It's another thing entirely to want to change and evolve and grow as, specifically, a writer. Another kind of success, which is my official resolution for 2013. (I'll work on being a better person next year. Is that selfish? Sigh. See, I have a lot of work to do.) Yes, I want to be able to keep writing professionally. But I also want to write stories that reach new levels of quality. Depth, voice, plot, etc. 

So how do I plan to accomplish this? It's simple. I bet you're way ahead of me. Wait for it... I'm going to write. Gasp! I know. I'm not going for a daily word count. I'm just going for sitting down at the computer and putting something down that has meaning. Simple, right? 

So, 2013. I want to grow. (And God, if you're reading this, I mean metaphorically, not literally. Please help me resist cheese.)

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(I admit, that GIF is only semi-relevant to the post. I just thought it was too cute not to use.)

What's your New Year's resolution?

Kelsey Sutton has done everything from training dogs, making cheeseburgers, selling yellow page ads, and cleaning hotel rooms. Now she divides her time between her full-time college classes and her writing, though she can also sometimes be found pounding out horrible renditions of Beethoven on the piano and trying bizarre drinks at her local coffee shop. Kelsey lives in northern Minnesota with her dog and cat, Lewis and Clark. She is represented by Beth Miller of Writer's House, and her debut YA novel SOME QUIET PLACE is forthcoming from Flux in 2013. You can add it on Goodreads here!

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2 secret replies:

  1. My new years resolution is to polish and revise (read: revise revise revise lol) an MS I've been working on and then send it out to agents! :D

    Good luck in the new year-- can't wait to hear about what you do!

    1. That's a fabulous resolution... is it too late to change mine? ;)

      And thanks!