Wednesday, October 30, 2013

8 Fun #NaNoWriMo Must-Haves

Have you noticed the theme we've had on the blog for the last few posts? I think it's safe to say we're all a little #NaNoWriMo crazy. CRAZY EXCITED.

So just for funsies, I put together this super serious* list of must-have things you need before you begin your NaNo-ing.

*lol yeah right

1. Sweatpants. This girl is rockin' hers. Just look at that NaNo game face. IT'S ON, WORDS. But lets be honest here. The writing world is a pants-optional environment. Go with what's comfortable for you.

2. A Word-Goal Cheerleader. Here's a picture of mine. Make sure this cheerleader is super supportive of you and your NaNo goals. Or a cheerleader who just gives lots of cuddles. You know, whichever. 

3. Organizational tools. Are you a multi-hilighter/rainbow tabs/sticky note kind of person? These are perfect planning tools for NaNo. And if you're a pantser, that's okay too. We can write each other pretty notes with our multiple colored gel pens. 

4. Music. Put your favorite jams on to get you in the writing mood. Pandora is my weapon of choice, always.

5. SNACKS. Don't go hungry mid-writing sprint. Stock up on those munchies! 

6. Computer charger. Do you know how annoying it is to sit down, get comfortable and halfway through a GOOD part in your story realize that your battery is at 9% and OMG where the *$%@ is your charger? From someone who does this almost weekly, it's highly annoying. Keep that charger near you at all times. 

7. FUEL UP. Coffee is my substance of choice.

8. THIS. Because who has time to get up and pee when you're in the zone, man? 

What are your NaNoWriMo must-haves? Feel free to share in the comments! And to all you NaNo-ers, good luck!

Oh and PS, here's a round up of all our NaNoWriMo posts this month:

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3 secret replies:

  1. I have a onesie instead of sweatpants. ^_^ My fuel is obscene amounts of hot chocolate and candy pencils.

  2. I agree with the entire list, except for music - I can enjoy it and be inspired while I'm not writing, but the second I start, music has to be off. A great thing to drown out other noises (like when my bf watches TV while I'm trying to write or read) is It is nothing but white noise and works great for people like me who can be easily distracted by sounds :-)

    Vyki @ On The Shelf

  3. Aww, the cheerleader is SO freaking cute.

    I'm almost ready...just need snacks and a desk in my bathroom. ^_^
    Lol! Really though, that bathroom pic is hilarious. When I'm in the zone, the only thing I hate more than getting up to pee is the phone ringing.