Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Quick Secret About Writing Spaces

What type of image do you get in your head when you think "author"? Do you picture James Patterson somewhere in front of a roaring fire, with his antique typewriter, clicking away at the keys, then pausing to roll around in his pile of money? Yeah, that's what I pictured before I started doing this, too. When the truth is more like this:

If you watch them long enough they might sync up.
So, how do we combat the headdesking and get down to the authoring? Everybody has their little tricks. I, personally, am a fan of changing up the writing space. It's a pretty simple solution and doesn't always work, but it's worked plenty of times for me in the past. Like this one time I wrote here:

Yep, that's a tub.

Switching things up can really get the creative juices flowing. New experiences, new visual input, different sounds, I feel like these things can jump start your brain, remind it that, "Oh, yeah, I think and make up stuff, don't I?" Maybe you have to take the kids to grandma's or maybe you have to settle for the only place that has wifi which just happens to be McDonald's (she says as she fights the urge to go to the counter and get a large fry).

They always say, "Think outside the box." Take that advice literally. Leave that box, a.k.a. your office/home, and go think somewhere else.

And now for a quick update on the SLOW Buddies Project!

I just want to thank all of you beautiful readers for helping to spread the word! We're up to 25 buddy seekers!!! It's so awesome, yes? Please, keep the emails coming! Here's the original post with all the details.

Also, just a quick reminder, in your email try to give us as much info about you, your writing habits, and your reading habits as you feel comfortable with. Knowing this stuff will help us match you with someone who will gel the best with you. Also also, this project is not designed as a one-off. If you're looking for someone to do a quick read through of your manuscript and that's it, this is not the thing for you. This is for people willing to give and receive, to support and encourage, and to hopefully develop a great friendship. So, keep sending us those awesome emails!

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