Monday, March 18, 2013

Andrea's Creative Writing Prompt

Hey, lovelies!

Is your blog looking a little barren? Are you feeling a little jilted in your writing process? I know I am. I've been revising two different books for about three months straight now, and I'm pretty much aching to start a fresh idea.

So, in honor of my revisions (you're welcome), let's talk about stars.

You see, I've got stars on the brain because my current manuscript, THE DESTRUCTION OF STARS AND LIES, is a thriller based on clues in constellations, left behind by the heroine's ex-boyfriend post-mortem. My mind is still clouded with visions of Andromeda and Orion after a binge revising session this weekend, so let's talk stars and space, shall we?

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Henry Stanton wasn't the the type to explore mountains. In fact, up until an hour ago, I thought the only shoes he owned were the tattered red Chucks he wore to work everyday. Even the way the hiking boots looped around his ankles looked awkward and out of place. 

So when he asked me to climb the Hill—which was definitely bigger than a hill, I'll tell you that—I knew he wasn't after some extra cardio or adventure. Plus, the bulk of the retractable telescope poked out of his backpack. 


I'd talked to him about it at work the other day, when we were shoulder-to-shoulder washing dishes in the back. I'd told him about my mother, about how she used to set up the rickety old telescope in the backyard and point out the dips in Cassiopeia's crown and the blinking star nose of Canis Major. My mother died last year. I haven't looked at the stars since. 

The tripod snaps open and Henry wiggles the eyepiece into place. He glances up at me, green eyes shining. "Ready?" he asks. 

It's a loaded question. As I dip to look into the eyepiece and Henry's fingers skim over my shoulder, I try to decide what, exactly, I'm ready for. 

There you have it. If you post on your blog, let us know in the comments so we can read and follow along. Happy writing!

Andrea Hannah is a YA writer represented by Victoria Marini of Gelfman Schneider. She writes stories about criminals, crazy people, and creatures that may or may not exist. When she's not writing, Andrea teaches special education, runs, spends time with her family, and tries to figure out a way to prevent her pug from opening the refrigerator (still unsuccessful). Oh, and she tweets a bajillion times a day, mostly about inappropriate things. 
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  1. That sounds like an awesome story-- I love the idea of clues being visible on such a grand scale like that. Also I really dig the sound of the title! (I am kind of a sucker for star things, can you tell, lol?)

    Good luck with revisions! It's certainly sounding good so far. :D

    Here's mine: