Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Writing Prompt

I think this is going to be a fun one, guys. As you might know, I really like writing fun characters so I thought I'd continue with that whole thing in this post. Here you go:

Found this on Pinterest when I searched for "circus" which, in retrospect, might not have been the best idea since I flipping hate clowns.
Here's what I came up with:

Ruth bowed her head against the pouring rain and hugged her suitcase to her chest. "Are you sure about this, Leona?" she yelled over a particularly loud rumble of thunder. 

Our clothes were soaked through and I was pretty sure I'd never have warm feet again, but I couldn't let Ruth know how unsure I felt about the whole thing at that moment. "Don't worry. We're doing the right thing. There was no place for us back home. You know that."

"I know, but I think we might be lost. In the rain. In the middle of the night. That can't be good." Her foot slipped in the slick grass then and she almost went down. I caught her arm though and helped her right herself.

"We're not lost. We can't get lost as long as we follow the train tracks. We'll come upon something soon, I'm sure of it. A town or a station. Something has to turn up."

We'd been walking all day, stopping every once in a while to rest and nibble on the snacks we'd brought with us. Everything was fine earlier. It was even fun, like we were starting on our own grand adventure, but now I just hoped we'd make it out alive.

I pushed those thoughts aside and turned to tell Ruth a joke or at least give her another hopeful remark. She was my best friend and there was no way I could make this journey without her. But she wasn't there. She'd stopped a little ways back, plopped her suitcase on the ground, and sat on it, arms crossed.

I slipped and stumbled my way back to her and noticed a familiar stubborn scowl on her face.

"I won't go another step! I want to go home!" Earlier her brown curls had peeked out from beneath her cap, bouncing mischievously, but now they were plastered to her cheeks in wet, wavy lines. 

I wanted to be angry at her for giving up, but I knew exactly how she felt. I dropped my suitcase with a huff and faced forward. Only the cold, dark night awaited us. A star twinkled in the distance and I almost wished on it before I realized it couldn't possibly be a star. 

It was a light.

"Ruth. Ruth! Look! There's something up there!"

She perked up at that and came to stand next to me, squinting ahead. I grabbed my suitcase and sprinted toward the light. Ruth's footfalls soon caught up to me. As the light grew closer, many more joined it. That's when I realized what we were running towards: a circus.

Now it's your turn! Leave the link to your piece in the comments so we can all jump around and marvel at everyone's different takes on this fun picture!

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  1. This is an awesome prompt. I think I'll give it a crack.